Enjoy Amazing Health Benefits and Immunity Support with Organic Grape Juice

Looking for something organic that helps in relieving stress along with supporting your immunity? Yae Organics provides their antioxidant-rich grape juice to give you a refreshing feel and numerous health benefits. With zero preservatives and additives, the rich grape juice powder can be an amazing everyday drink for your health. Infused with Schisandra berry for its adaptogenic antioxidant benefits, the Schisandra berry powder juice is a great immune support supplement.

With naturally developed ingredients, the grape powder natural juice is made with care to protect every one of the supplements with freshness intact. The concord grape juice powder comprises nutrient C to boost immunity. The natural grape juice powder doesn’t contain any bad carbs or sugars. It comprises natural erythritol and natural plant-based sugar that has no impact on blood sugar. With low carbs, the Organic Grape Juice is best for ketosis. The Schisandra berry juice powder makes healthy juicing simple and accessible without compromising nourishment!

A go-to drink whenever you want, just put the sachet into your pack. The Organic Grape Juice is derived from Amla fruit, thus, serving the best health supplement you can have with rich antioxidant properties. Get the best juice powders, superfoods, and accessories, that upgrade your experience from Yae Organics!

Beet Juice Powder: Benefits of Its Powerful Antioxidant Content

There are innumerable health benefits of beets and beets have diverse health benefits that are quite impressive. Known for their vitamins and minerals-rich content, beets have different kinds of nutritional properties. Other than different vitamins and minerals, they have a lot to offer. Beets are loaded with a high level of antioxidants and betalain, which results in their deep pigment. Betalain has the remarkable quality of fighting inflammation.


Enriched with the enormous benefits of beetroots and made with organic beetroots dehydrated at low temperatures, Yae Organics Sweet Beet Juice Powder is a flavorsome and nutrient-dense, powerful substitute to the beetroots. Beets’ status as a “superfood” is a result of its astounding health benefits. Some of them are listed below:

1. Blood Pressure Regulation 

Beet juice or beet juice powder helps in lowering and managing blood pressure. Nitrates present in it convert into nitric oxide in the blood and relaxes the blood vessels. Everyday intake of this powerful antioxidant juice powder lowers both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

2. Improves Endurance

Studies concluded that the contents of beet juice increase the level of plasma nitrate, resulting in better physical performance and enhanced stamina.


3. Improves Heart Health and Brainpower

According to researchers, beetroots with their nitrate content increase the blood flow to the brain, helping with memory and learning! The potential of a high-nitrate diet is promising in terms of preventing cognitive decline. Also, it has stupendous effects on heart health.

4.Supports Liver

With a poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption, exposure to toxic substances, and a sedentary lifestyle, your liver may develop a condition/disease called “nonalcoholic fatty liver disease”. The powerful antioxidants juice powder (with betaine content) prevents or reduces fatty deposits in the liver. It also helps in protecting the liver from toxins.

5. Cholesterol Control 

Beet Juice Powder lowers total cholesterol with its phytonutrients like flavonoids. To prevent cholesterol-related diseases, adding beet juice to your diet.